Frozen Shoulder Release

Arthroscopic Capsular Release and MUA of Frozen Shoulder


  • On ward

Sling for comfort encourage to discard once Interscalene block worn off. Aim to achieve full active ROM as achieved in theatre ASAP.

Outpatient physiotherapy appointment to be arranged within one week post-op.

Aggressive, early mobilisation but do not force into sharp pain.  All ROM to include elevation, scaption, LR & MR good quality ROM with scapular control encouraged. Full unrestricted movements


  • 2-6 weeks

Physiotherapy to continue ROM exercises in all planes. Hydrotherapy, passive and physiological stretches, accessory movements or soft tissue mobilisations to increase ROM.

Activating Rotator cuff as required from 2/52 post-op. Do not overload rotator cuff in any phase and risk inflammatory reaction = stiffness of capsule returning. Generally focus of rehab needs to concentrate on ROM GHJ as Rotator Cuff rarely weak with frozen shoulder.


  • 6 weeks

Shoulder clinic review 6/52 and 3/12. Continuing rehabilitation – dynamic RC activation through range.


  • Return to work: Sedentary 2-4 weeks (as pain allows). Modified Physical 6 weeks (as guided by surgeon).


  • Driving:  2 weeks (as pain and range allows) patient confirms safety to drive.


  • Sport:  Non-contact 4-6 weeks. Contact: 6 weeks.


  • Swimming:   Gentle with modified stroke 2 weeks onwards. Freestyle: 4-6 weeks.



Andrew Cole