At the Southampton Shoulder Clinic we are happy to accept referrals from your GP or any other Health Care Professionals such as your physiotherapist. Arranging an appointment is simply done by contacting Mr. Cole’s personal assistant, Chris Plomer.

She will advise of the availability of clinics and arrange an appointment to suit your needs. She will give you any advice that you may need for your Insurance Company.


At the Southampton Shoulder Clinic, Mr. Cole will provide a thorough consultation discussing the history and evolution of your shoulder symptoms and will carry out a detailed physical examination of your shoulder. Simple investigations such as

X-rays will be done at this consultation.

If necessary a full range of the most modern and advanced diagnostic imaging is available and supported by dedicated specialist musculoskeletal radiologists. Mr. Cole offers a full range of surgical and non surgical treatments and works closely with specialist physiotherapists to achieve the best result possible for you.


Mr. Cole is a specialist, Fellowship trained shoulder surgeon. He offers a full range of the most up to date surgical techniques much of which is done arthroscopically (as keyhole surgery). Mr. Cole maintains a comprehensive data base of all his

procedures and results which is continually updated.

Mr. Cole will be happy to talk to you about the expected outcome of all his surgical procedures at your consultation.

Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation

Many shoulder conditions require only physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Mr Cole can advise you of your condition and the suitability of this. He liaises closely with specialist shoulder physiotherapists and they can tailor a program personalised to your needs.